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E. Referrals and Resources

As a Peer Supporter, it is important to become familiar with your institution’s available support resources. During the Peer Support Discussion, you can make a note of which resources may be helpful to them. Sharing resources is not meant to replace the Listening component of Peer Support; share resources to augment Peer Support, empower the Peer to seek more care, and expedite access to prompt professional support.

Guide to Institutional Support Resources
The institution should compile all available hospital support resources in one document. This document should briefly describe the services, and share how someone can request or contact the service. The Peer Supporter should have this resource ready and review relevant resources with the Peer.

Institutional Support Resources may include:

  • Peer-based support (e.g. buddy system, reflection rounds).
  • Resources to aid staff in coping with COVID-19 (e.g. articles, webinars, podcasts, infographics, workshops).
  • Hospital services (e.g. Human Resources, Employee Assistance Program, Spiritual Care).
  • Work/life resources (e.g. caregiving, diversity, equity, housing, finance, legal, nutrition, physical, safety, sleep).
  • Mental health resources (e.g substance use, suicide prevention, cognitive therapy, pyschiatric services).
  • Coaching (e.g. professional development coaching).
  • Mindfulness and meditation resources (e.g. meditation apps, journaling clubs, yoga).

Know Your Limitations: Escalating Support
The Peer Supporter’s role is to offer support and empathy to a colleague who may be impacted by a traumatic event. You are not expected to make a mental health intervention. If your discussion with a Peer raises concerns about their psychiatric well-being, please escalate as appropriate.

The institution should create an Escalation Plan for Peer Supporters, detailing when and to whom to escalate a Peer’s care. Below is a sample; this should be customized based on the institution’s available support resources.

Sample Escalation Plan for Peer Supporters

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