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F. Marketing and Communications

Once you have established the structure of your Peer Support program, it is important to expand awareness of your program across your institution. The more that staff hear about the program, the more normalized Peer Support will become, and the more likely that staff will feel comfortable requesting Peer Support services.

The following is an example of a Marketing and Communications plan:

☐ Peer Support program brand name: a unique, catchy name for your Peer Support program
☐ Peer Support program logo/emblem
☐ Peer Support introduction during all staff orientation
☐ Breakroom flyers (QR code to access Peer Support Request Form is recommended)
☐ Peer Supporter badge stickers/tags for easy identification of unit/department Peer Supporters
☐ Video interview/advertisement for distribution
☐ Recurring email, newsletter, and digital screen announcements

Below is a sample Peer Supporter Flyer:

Marketing and Communications: To Do’s
☐ Create Marketing and Communications Plan

☐ Determine marketing launch date(s)

☐ Create and distribute marketing content

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