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I. Peer Supporter Quick Guide

Below is a resource for Peer Supporters to quickly review the main elements of a Peer Support Discussion. This resource includes example phrases to use, since it can sometimes be difficult to find the right words to say.

Peer Support Quick Guide

Peer Support
ConceptExample phrases
Introduction● Disclaimer script● “Thank you for taking the time to meet with me.
Please know that I am a trained volunteer and here to listen.
The information you provide me I will keep in confidence and will not be shared without your knowledge.”
Active Listening● Establish a trusting relashionship
● Use encouragers
● Reinforce listening
● Give cautious invitation to reflect on emotion
● Normalise and summarize the core concerns or themes raised
● “I am thankful for your willingness to share your story.”
● “Mhm/Aha/It’s okay/I hear what you are saying.”
● “So it sounds like…”
● “It sounds like this may have created some feelings of anxiety in you.”
● “It is not unusual to feel the way you are feeling.”
● “So it sounds like sleep has been difficult, and you are feeling anxious a lot.”
Education ● Share educational tools which may empower them to feel more in control● “There is no ‘right’ way to grieve. Grief can occur in a wave-like pattern, with ups and downs.”
● “The Stress Continuum Model allows you to check in on yourself daily and be mindful of how you are doing.”
● “It looks like you may be experiencing one of the 6 stages clinicians commonly experience following an adverse patient event.”
Coping and
Support Resources
● Note some of the difficulties they have shared
● Inquire about past coping mechanisms that
were successful
● Recognize some of their supports or strengths
● Share support resources that are available at your institution
● “Here is a list of available resources and contact information for you.”
● “You mentioned you enjoy group support – have you tried the Group Resiliency Rounds?”
● “I’m hearing that you enjoy meditation. There is a great meditation app offered for free for hospital employees.”
● “In the past, when you were stressed, what have you found helped you with sleep/anxiety?”
● “It sounds like jogging helps distract you and may help with sleep.”
Conclusion● Thank them
● Ask permission to follow up
● Make a plan
●“Thank you for sharing your story. Would it be okay if I reached out sometime soon to see how you are doing?”
● “What’s the best way to contact you?”
● “Are you going to be okay? Who will you contact if you are not?”
● “So the plan is for you to jog and meditate daily for a week, and to call your sister tomorrow.”
● Do you have any questions?”

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