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I. Your Milestone Checklist

Below is a compiled to-do list for implementing a Peer Support program at your institution.

Your Milestone Checklist
Peer Support Program
☐ Select Peer Support program model (centralized, local, or hybrid).
☐ Determine program budget and funding sources.
☐ Determine where central and/or local Peer Support program(s) will be housed/piloted.
☐ Learn local Peer Review Protection and professional liability laws, and determine steps to provide Peer Review Protection within the Peer Support program.
☐ Add Peer Support program to QAPI plan, business plan, charter, or other institutional document.
Peer Support Model ☐ Assign Peer Support program roles.
☐ Train staff on Peer Support program roles and responsibilities.
☐ Schedule recurring meetings as needed for Peer Support program staff/committees.
Peer Supporter
Registration, and
Nomination ☐ Create Peer Supporter nomination flyer/survey/email.
☐ Distribute Peer Supporter nomination flyer/survey/email.
☐ Approve Peer Supporter nominations.
Registration ☐ Purchase event registration system if interested.
☐ Create Peer Supporter Training Registration Form.
☐ Create Peer Support program brochure/informational
package/summary email.
☐ Create central and/or local Peer Supporter directories in which to track Peer     Supporter registration information.
☐ Notify nominees of nomination, send program brochure/informational     package/summary email and link to Peer Supporter Training Registration Form.
Training ☐ Book room (in-person or virtual) for Peer Supporter trainings.
☐ Create Peer Supporter training agenda, prerequisite
materials/videos, and calendar invites for the training session
dates, and send to nominees.
☐ Create Peer Supporter training slide deck, simulation video, and role-play simulation scenarios for live in-person or virtual training.
☐ Recruit Peer Supporter Training facilitators who will present the training materials and facilitate the breakout rooms and Q&A panel discussions during Peer Supporter trainings.
☐ If doing live virtual training, recruit IT staff to provide technical support before and during trainings.
☐ Notify local Peer Support Leads of trainee attendance.
☐ Re-send registration link to absentee registrants to register for a new training date.
☐ Give Peer Supporters access to any shared websites or folders.
☐ Add Peer Supporters to central and/or local Peer Supporter
☐ Add Peer Supporters to relevant email groups/distribution lists.
☐Schedule and plan review session 1-2 weeks after initial training.
☐Schedule and plan Quarterly Peer Supporter Community Meeting.
☐Schedule and create annual training review for Peer Supporter status renewal.
Triage and
Deployment Process
☐ Peer Support Request Form.
☐ Thank You Email.
☐ Peer Support Feedback Survey.
☐ Documentation spreadsheet/form for Central Peer Support Lead.
☐ Documentation spreadsheet/form for Local Peer Support Lead.
☐ Peer Supporter Interventions Form.
Digital Infrastructure ☐ Create Peer Support Icon in Safety Reporting System
☐ Build automations in Peer Support Request, Triage, and Deployment Process
☐ Build Institutional Peer Support Website
☐ Build Peer Supporter Website
☐ Create shared folder for Advisory Committee
☐ Create Peer Support Mailbox
☐ Create email groups/distribution lists
Marketing and
☐ Create Marketing and Communications Plan
☐ Determine marketing launch date(s)
☐ Create and distribute marketing content
Data and Evaluation ☐ Peer Supporter Training Evaluation
☐ Peer Support Feedback Survey
☐ Peer Supporter Interventions Form
☐ Hospital-wide Peer Support Program Survey
Maintenance Plan ☐ Determine availability of Peer Support leadership and Peer Supporters
☐ Create Maintenance Plan
☐ Schedule recurring events/meetings/data collection points

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